Fairground Felony Double Household


Faskin’s Fairground has come to town and you are buzzing with excitement! You love the thrill of the rides, the sweet sugary smell of candy floss and the sound of the old-time music ringing throughout the park.

Except something is not right. The circus lights aren’t flashing, the rides are empty and there’s not a single inflatable balloon in sight!

Someone has sabotaged the fair and your help is urgently needed. Can you help to navigate your way around the cacophony of twisted fairground puzzles, solve the mystery as to who is behind this monstrous crime and save the fairground folk who are stranded on a broken-down coaster?

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Suitable for all ages. No printer required. Up to 90 minute game (if you wish to take your time, the game will continue past 90 minutes but the timer will stop).

This product gives access for two households to play via a shared login, there will be 2 downloads, 1 for each household.