The Disappearance of DJ McDee


In the town of Tunbridge Wells, local celebrity DJ McDee is due to release his Number 1 album at a once in a lifetime gig, “DJ McDee: Live at The Forum”.

You, as a dedicated fan and fellow Raver, are due to attend, but when you arrive at The Forum, ticket in hand, you can see something’s not right!

Follow the trail of clues left behind by his evil nemesis MC Floggin, save our local DJ and help release a Number 1 hit! (Spoiler alert, the song is really catchy!!)

This is a 30 minute FREE game and is suitable for all ages. It can be played anytime. Click “Play Now” to start playing.



Here are a few very basic instructions to help you on your journey.
The game works as a layout of pages including video, audio and images containing clues, puzzles and storyline. Once you click “Begin”, your 30 minute timer will start and will not stop until the end of the game, so make sure your glass is charged and perhaps take a visit to the loo! You will see a progress bar above the timer to help you know if you are on track for success or failure! However, don’t worry, if you run out of time you will be able to continue – just make sure you have your own timer to hand in case you do!

At the bottom of each page, there will be a box prompting you to enter a code, or it may just be a button to transport you to a new location. This will be clear. You will also see that you have two hints and an answer button. The hints will give you cryptic clues to help you solve the puzzle. Hint 1 is slightly more cryptic and hint 2 is slightly more obvious. The answer button will literally reveal the code so DO NOT PRESS unless you really can’t figure it out! There are no penalties for using hints or answers – only your own judgement of yourself…

You may find that a pencil and paper will be handy for any workings out.

If you have any issues, do not hesitate to contact us on and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

This game is copyright. It may not be shared or copied.
So, without further ado, click the “Play Now” button and Happy Clue Cracking!