The Disappearance of DJ McDee

The Disappearance of DJ McDee

You have 30 minutes to escape!
Time used:


Help us find DJ McDee!

Your time will start once you click begin.
You go into The Forum. It is empty, dark and dingy. The first place to look would be The Artist's Area. You see a door with a sign “Backstage. Artists Only”. You open the door and stuck to the wall is a Set List that DJ McDee was due to perform tonight.

You cracked it! “Nailed it” you say to yourself. You head to the toilet. Nothing suspicious in the Ladies so you enter the Gents.

Nice one! You fist pump the air with the delicacy of a Gazelle and head to the Stage. You see four microphones and there is also a lock box on the front of the stage, locked with a 4 digit code.

The lock box opens. You wipe a bead of sweat from your forehead. Reaching into the box you find DJ McDee’s wallet. Tucked inside is a receipt for drinks from “The Pantiles Tap”, a pub over the road. It’s only a couple of minutes walk and you’re feeling parched. You decide to head for a pint.

“The Pantiles Tap” is a busy pub and being the evening, it’s fairly full. You have a quick look around for DJ McDee or MC Floggin. No sign of either of them. So you bring out the receipt and head to the bar.

You ask the barman to enter the code into the cash register. He gives you an odd look, but does as you ask and a hidden drawer mysteriously flings open. In the drawer, you see three train tickets and a map for The Spa Valley Railway, a local heritage gauge railway originally built in the 1800s. Surely that must be the next destination MC Floggin wants to send you? So you head on your way.

You walk a few minutes down the road to The Spa Valley Railway, a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. Being the evening, it’s closed and there’s not a single person in sight. Still no sign of MC Floggin either. However, you do see a padlocked gate around the back of the railway. You get the train tickets and map out of your pocket.

Wow! You’re into the Spa Valley Railway and there is a train at the platform. All the carriage doors are open and the lights are on. Weird. You walk through the train carriages, looking for something out of the ordinary but nothing catches your eye. Suddenly, you can hear noise coming from one of the carriages at the front of the train. It sounds like a radio playing. You race towards the front of the train and there, in the Guard’s Cabin, is DJ McDee.

The radio is playing. You don’t have long until MC Floggin is going to launch this song as his own. Hurry!


You’ve done it! Thank you for solving The Disappearance of DJ McDee. The song will always be credited to him (and you!) forever!

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Now come on everybody , LET’S DANCE!